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9/22/17: Da Joint, Peoria, IL w/Savage Master, Angelust, The Great Division

Peoria show 9.22.17





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Deceased 8.5.17(1)Obsidian 5.13.17Livewire 4.28.17fallout-11-12-16crowbar-91616Livewire 7.9.16nucleus album release gig 4.15.16Cobra Lounge 2.27.16Mutiny.Chicago.1.2.16Battlecross show Crowbar show Ft Wayne show JD Muggs show Red Line tap show

8/5/17: Cobra Lounge, Chicago w/Deceased, Savage Master, Lurking Corpses

7/15/17: Brick Lounge, Plano, IL w/Air Raid, Lasting Vengeance

5/13/17: Reggie’s, Chicago w/ Obsidian, Reign, Depremacy

4/28/17: LiveWire, Chicago w/Artwork for the Blind, Inner Decay, Purge

11/12/16: Fallout, Chicago w/ Paralysis, Xenophile, Smash Potater

9/16/16: Reggie’s, Chicago w/Crowbar, Pale Horseman

7/9/16: LiveWire, Chicago w/Faithxtractor, The Lurking Corpses, Tombstalker

4/15/16: LiveWire, Chicago w/Nucleus, Blood of the Wolf, 40oz Fist

2/27/16: Cobra Lounge, Chicago w/Sadistic Ritual, All Hell, Reign, Savagery

1/2/16: The Mutiny, Chicago w/Last False Hope, The Piss Poor Players, Lasting Vengeance

8/22/15: Reggie’s, Chicago w/Battlecross, Yesterday’s Saints, Kastasyde, Trials

7/25/15: JD Muggs, Addison, IL w/Divine Riot, Misanthropy, Predator

6/20/15: Reggie’s, Chicago w/Crowbar, Battlecross, Lord Dying, Air Raid

4/18/15: Skeletunes, Ft Wayne, IN w/The Lurking Corpses, Traffic Death, Shroud

3/21/15: Red Line Tap, Chicago w/Throaat, Angelust, Sacred Leather